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Virtue is the moral essence of the Fraternity. Living a virtuous life is making the most of your time and talents with unfailing integrity.


Diligence is the force that drives the fraternity. Living diligently is living your best life with courage and tenacity.

brotherly love

Brotherly Love is the foundation of the fraternity. Living with Brotherly Love is supporting fellow citizens through true and active friendship.

About SigEp PABB

This fraternity is different. Everyday every SigEp works to exude excellence in every sense of the word. Every SigEp is an athlete, a scholar, a leader and a gentleman. This Balanced Man philosophy, which will ask you to be sound in both mind and body, has been the model of our success.

SigEp has won four Dean’s Cups since 2008, an award given to the best fraternity on Drexel's campus. With a cumulative GPA of 3.38, SigEp boasts a 0.21 GPA higher than the average fraternity at Drexel and a 0.17 higher GPA than all students at Drexel. In 2014, SigEp won IFC Softball and Dodgeball and appeared in the IFC Championship for tennis.

SigEp is composed of campus leaders including this year’s IFC President. As well as 2 varsity athletes, 8 USGA members, 10 RA’s which 3 of them are HRA's, and 3 STAR Scholars.